1. Kixx's Avatar
    I'm realllllly new at this, and am looking for help or advice.

    Just got the iPhone last week, and a couple of questions that I can't any answers to:

    1) I have my e-mail through Shaw (In Edmonton). Trying to figure out what my phone settings have to be in order to get my e-mail. Looked like it worked this morning, but that was when I was on wifi (and not my data plan I have through Rogers). As well, I set up one e-mail account, and two are showing up. AND, it looked like a received an e-mail on one account, but one I sent (doing a test), went out on the other account.

    2) Also wondering why certain YouTube vidoes only work when I'm on wifi, and not the data package plan i have through rogers.

    If anyone can help,thanks...
    2008-02-07 07:44 PM
  2. Hyperextension's Avatar

    Warn you that Shaw's email sucks. They are just finally now allowing access to email remotely via POP3 client.

    They want you to use webmail.shaw.ca
    2008-02-07 08:09 PM
  3. Kixx's Avatar
    It's very confusing to a simple dude like me. Last night the email worked fine. Tonight, it don't work at all. Starting to think I did something wrong, lol
    2008-02-09 07:21 AM