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    hey guys,

    Here are my two cents worth of Softbank/iPhone 3G experience in Tokyo:

    1) Softbank(former vodafone) customer service sucks.

    2) Softbank customer service sucks ( can't possibly emphasize that enough)

    3) compared with the US, 3G coverage is great, and in fact faaaaar better than the regular Softbank network, which is infamous for it's Dead Magic zones throughout Tokyo... You get a mail 4 days later because, well, there was a jumping puddle in the park that day. This doesn't happen with the iPhone, hurrah!

    4) next time I have to call tech support, I'll turn to the "iTarot" app instead, at least it will givens some measure of usefulness in my life

    5) I went to a SB store yesterday to ask why the automated hotline number (157) didn't react when I push buttons to navigate it. The girl excused herself for 15min, and I spotted her and a couple colleagues in the room in the back of the store, flipping through one
    of those "My Very First Iphone" magazines/guides sold in 7/11s... So the poor bastards don't even get guides or manuals from Apple!!!! WTF?
    She then proceeded to calling the magazine's publishing company for advise instead of their own tech support!!!
    I was sliding off my chair like in a Seinfeld episode.

    6) don't even start thinking about tethering in japan, you'll end up paying 3000 USD bills for half a day worth of data.

    7) don't think about suicide when you see your bill estimate showing 346,567 yen (3300USD) we all get it, it's the data amount you've been using and doesn't mean peanuts since you signed up on the full access plan for 50 bucks a month, so breathe! But don't tether!!!

    8) the free yahoo premium account for softbank users is BS as far as I know. Oh yes, and yahoo auction users in japan, there is no snipe bidding in Japanese auction... If you bid within 5min of the end, the site extends the auction for 5min and so on...

    9) if you kill or brick you iphone SOFTWARE-wise, within a year of the purchase, SB stores will grope it for a few minutes before handing a new one over, with no box or cable, mind you, even if you've killed it a few times already... They don't give a f$$$, just don't go to the same store. BUT, if you let it fall and it breaks, you're f$cked and they will send you to Apple. To avoid any bending in the shower, I suggest you get that extended warranty plan from apple, for 75 bucks, NOW!!! Not in a year just before the end of the warranty.

    That's about it
    2008-09-14 05:36 AM
  2. jbaladez's Avatar
    They suck ***-and i dont even live in japan!! Hehehehe they can eat me!!
    2010-05-08 03:09 AM