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    My problem was exactly the same as some other peoples, I had disabled my EDGE previously (firmware 1.1.4), then I upgraded my firmware to 2.0.2, then I then I signed up for Rogers Canada's new $30 / 6 GB / month data plan, where I realized that there was no longer an interface to turn on / off EDGE, except by using the BossPrefs addon.

    Even though BossPrefs has the on / off switch for firmware 2.0.x > you still have to enter the login credentials on some cellular carrier EDGE networks (i.e. Rogers Canada).

    Using WinSCP to connect to your iPhone is simple enough...

    (there are tons of forums on how to do this out there > SSH on Windows - ModMyi - Wiki)

    ... and then you can navigate pretty easily to the path listed in the original post. ( hackd fixing edge on pwned iphone 2.0 )


    Double clicking on the file " preferences.plist " in WinSCP should open it up in your default text viewer (i.e. Notepad). You can use the " Find " tool in your text editor to find the following strings:

    1) " AllowNetworkAccess "
    2) " Available "

    Make sure they are both set to "1" to enable EDGE.

    Alternatively, set both to "0" to disable EDGE.

    If you have trouble finding these keys, it is alternatively described on the original post on this site: hackd fixing edge on pwned iphone 2.0

    Then you can do another " Find " to find the strings for:

    1) APN
    2) User
    3) Password

    As of the date of this post (09/18/2008), all I needed to add to join the Rogers EDGE network was the " APN " string which is:

    1) APN =

    If you're Googling this subject, you might find older articles that mention that you need 3 strings:

    1) APN:
    2) User: wapuser1
    3) Password: wap

    ... but I did not need to put the " User " or " Password " in my preferences.plist file.

    After all that, just reboot your phone and you're ONLINE via EDGE!

    P.S. I think it's funny that the carriers got together with Apple to "hide" the EDGE on / off feature > this way you are ALWAYS on their EDGE internet, so if you or someone else (like a kid) accidentally access the browser / mail > you'll be racking up that per MB bandwidth charge! warn your friends and / or get a cheap data plan [I've seen some that start as low as $2] just my 2 cents....
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    Sorry that didnt work for me on 2.1 Iphone 1st gen,

    I still get - Safari cant connect to the internet, I dont get any EDGE errors and no edge icons , whats wrong with my iphone?

    help me if u can

    EDIT: if i set stuff to 0 then i cant switch it on with Boss Prefs, however if its 1 then i can, but it still doesnt do anything lol

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