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    Im putting a Orange SIM in my iPhone and its asking for a SIM pin does anyone kno what the SIM Pin would be? i only have 2 tries left after i tried 1234... Can someone, anyone please help.
    Not sure if this matters but I use to have AT&T but moved to Europe and now have orange.
    and yes my iPhone is 100% jailbroken and Unlocked, since day 2 of me owning one. Other Sim cards i've tried worked (ie. Tmobile)
    Thanks to whomever can help me out!
    2009-01-23 02:27 PM
  2. 13domino's Avatar
    Try 0000 if you haven't set a pin code yet, this should work.

    [edit :] I'm french and have Orange too.

    Note : if you try to enter a wrong pin code more than three times, the SIM card will be blocked and the phone will ask you for the PUK code that you don't have and you will be obligated to contact orange in order to have this number to unlock the SIM card.
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    2009-01-23 03:23 PM
  3. Robertsdp's Avatar
    2009-01-27 09:35 AM
  4. vcf's Avatar
    did 000 work?
    2009-05-14 02:08 AM

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