1. hoov's Avatar
    Hi i'm using 16gb iphone brabd new jailbreaked yellowsnowed from rogers network canada. have cydia and installer onboard but no idea how to use them.

    there is no gprs function in my general/network settings and no way to get online as i can;t find a wireless outlet in bangalore

    my heartfelt gratitude for any suggestions

    cheers, hoov
    2009-02-03 07:08 AM
  2. pansies2000's Avatar
    Hey buddy you will have to go get on to a Wifi and install a package from Cydia/Installer which enables you to set APN.. Type APN in your Cydia search and install package called "APN Editing"

    Go to Brigade road or Bangalore Railway station and log in to a Wifi by paying as low as Rs 25 per hour.. And you should well on your way.

    Airtel APN "airtelgprs.com"

    Hope this helps...
    2009-02-11 10:40 AM
  3. san9jay's Avatar

    i have a similar setup (Iphone jailbroken 16gb) also on Airtel and when I did a sync with Itunes 8.x I got a message that there was an update for my carrier settings.

    I allowed the settings to be applied and my GPRS has been working fine without having to manually setup the APN.

    2009-02-11 12:40 PM