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    Ever since I've activated my iPhone, I've had the red dot indicating voicemail. Is there any way to make this go away?

    I have 1.1.3 and unlocked/activated/jailbroke with ZiPhone 2.1;
    I have the latest SIM card from Fido; and
    I receive the voicemail notification texts without problem.

    I don't have any messages on my system...so what gives? Is it just indicating to me that the visual voicemail isn't working?

    (I apologize for a possible re-post if this is in another section of the forum, but I could not find it in this one.)
    2008-03-06 06:42 PM
  2. andishae's Avatar
    I have the same problem, i dont use or have voicemail on my phone im with fido the red dot never leave my voicemail button and on my spring board the red dot on my phone button is also permanant its a red dot with nothing in it and it never goes away if i do miss calls it shows +1 or whateverr... but the red dot never goes away..

    someone has to know why this is so...??
    2008-03-06 09:14 PM
  3. Eurisko's Avatar
    If your voicemail is checked through any other method than pressing the voicemail button, the iPhone (or any phone) will never be sent the clear signal to remove this reminder. Simply put, if you have this badge, and you press 1 for voicemail, or dial your voicemail manually, or call your voicemail from a landline or lastly hang up on your voicemail instead of pressing the * (and hear the sweet lady say "thank you for calling, goodbye"). This badge will stay there.

    If none of this applies to you, call Fido have your IMEI activated with them, and ask them to reauthorize your phone. They'll know what you mean.
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    2008-03-06 09:32 PM
  4. andishae's Avatar
    how about my situation calling them and asking them to do that stuff will it help me i dont have voice mail on my account and the red dot is on my phone and voicemail button. its a empty red dot never goes away...
    2008-03-06 11:02 PM
  5. Eurisko's Avatar
    how about my situation calling them and asking them to do that stuff will it help me i dont have voice mail on my account and the red dot is on my phone and voicemail button. its a empty red dot never goes away...
    Reauthorizing your phone should get rid of it yes. Did you have voicemail in the past?
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    2008-03-07 12:53 AM
  6. someone's Avatar
    I have rogers and have the same problem but i DON'T even have voicemail service from them so i don't even how to get rid of it by calling
    2008-03-07 04:56 PM
  7. Eurisko's Avatar
    Same question. Did you have Voicemail in the past? It might be a leftover effect.
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    2008-03-07 05:59 PM
  8. andishae's Avatar
    no never had voicemail got the iphone unclocked and all put the sim card in and the red dot on my voicemail and phone button have always been there

    so i called fido told them about the IMEI he said since my phone isnt a FIDO phone the system wouldnt accept the IMEI anyways... so in the end he reset my service which is the closest thing to reauthorizing he could come up with and still the dot is there.... any other suggestions figuring this out would be like uncovering the meaning of life...
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    2008-03-07 06:42 PM
  9. Eurisko's Avatar
    Oh that's easy. 42
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    2008-03-07 07:06 PM
  10. Yetti12's Avatar
    Ya i have the same problem. I'm with Rogers also, never had voicemail. I get the red dot on my Phoen icon and voicemail icon... and im sure if i call rogers since they dont support teh iPhone they wont be able to do th authorization with my IMEI.
    2008-03-07 07:14 PM
  11. andishae's Avatar
    oh thats ease. 42 ??? what does that mean sorry
    2008-03-07 09:13 PM
  12. Eurisko's Avatar
    oh thats ease. 42 ??? what does that mean sorry
    Douglas Adams. Guess you're too young.

    Tell ya what, I'll call the network guys over at Rogers and see what might be able to be done.
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    2008-03-07 09:21 PM
  13. andishae's Avatar
    that would be cool ill be here waiting hahaha, its a legit issue and nobody knows how to fix it... ive called a few guys here in vancouver bc who know their stuff and they say its random some phones do it others dont... and im on fido but i guess its the same thanks.
    2008-03-07 11:34 PM
  14. imagine engine's Avatar
    Leave yourself a voice message by calling your phone from another line. Then call your voicemail and delete it after listening to the entire message, not mid way through. Most likely the voicemail server is caught in a loop thinking your account still has a message. The alternative to this is calling Customer Care to remove your voicemail then re-add but then you'd have to set-up your voicemail personal greeting again.

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    2008-03-08 07:38 AM
  15. iChopPryde's Avatar
    I have a 1.1.4 iPhone (Originally 1.0.2) I bought it awhile back and I am on FIdo never had this problem and I am able to click on the voicemail button and it will call my voicemail so i can listen to it as well.
    2008-03-09 12:25 PM
  16. seph213's Avatar
    i think the reothaurisaion process should work !! here's what happen 2 me !!

    im on a 16 gig iphone wich is my 4th iphone !! i had a 1 with 1.0.2 firmware and 2 otb 1.1.2 !! all of them always had that red dot on the voicemail and phone icon !! i tought it was normal cuz my friend has an 1.0.2 with rogers and has the same issue !! im on fido btw !!

    so on my otb 1.1.2 i needed 2 use those hypercards !! since recently we are able 2 downgrade the bl on 4.6 , i did so and had problemes with my hypercard so i decided 2 get myself another sim with my same number !! tht requires fido 2 deactivate ur old sim and activate the new one !!

    so wen i pluged my new sim with same acount and number , that litle dot disapeared !! i always had voicemail on my acount !!

    evryone who still has that red dot , maybe u should try getting a virgin sim and tell fido/rogers 2 deactivate the old one and active the virgin one !! worked for me !!

    it will cost u 30$ for the virgin sim !! i didnt pay **** tho cuz my friend works there !!

    hope this helped !!
    2008-03-09 10:49 PM
  17. andishae's Avatar
    so is this the solution, get a brand new sim card and stick it in... what if this doesn't work. if you try this pls give us an update.

    once again i dont have voicemail on my fido phone and i dont want voicemail...

    but the red dot stays on my phone icon at all times with or without a missed call and the one on my voicemail button has been there and has never left since i got my phone...
    2008-03-10 03:30 AM
  18. gpost2's Avatar
    yeah i had the same problem and im on rogers and never had voicemail service with Rogers, so i finally download iPhoneBrowser and went into the iPhone filesystem and replaced the red dot with a transparent one and now its gone!!!

    except when u get a missed call or email or sms it just has the white numbers there and no badge
    2008-04-12 03:24 AM
  19. carrie0227's Avatar
    hmmm... just a suggestion... how about trying to deactivate the voicemail notification on the default settings of your iphone? maybe, that would help... ?
    Version 1.1.2 Updated
    Sim Unlocked
    2008-04-12 07:44 AM
  20. gpost2's Avatar
    there is no voicemail notification settings on the iphone.....
    2008-04-12 08:42 AM
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