1. alokj's Avatar

    I am using Iphone 3G (Jailbreak and Unlocked),I am getting very strange problem while making or receiving a call, during the call other side person complains about some strange noise(….something like when we use our phone near speakers..),sometime this noise comes to me also but most of the time at other side of call and person at other end is not able to listen my voice due the noise.
    When I press mute button during the call noise disappear magically….but in this case I can’t talk to any body…
    Secondly when I use hadsfree, again the noise disappears magically……..
    Could someone please explain why this is happening?
    I have updated the Os to 3.0 from 2.2 to remove this noise but still getting the same…
    I have read somewhere that old version of OS 2.0 doesn’t have this kind of issue, Is it true?

    In my opinion there is some interference in iphone either in speaker or most probably in microphone?

    Please help me what should I do as I can’t replace the phone.

    2009-07-21 10:12 AM