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    G'day everyone,

    Im having trouble with my iPhone 3G it's not sending standard SMS messages, It is not a problem with the phone the company Telstra is having some sort of malfunction. The call features are working 100% but SMS and the #100# number isn't working at all for everyone using Telstra Australia Wide

    So don't worry, your iPhone isnt broken.
    2010-02-15 06:22 AM
  2. unklbyl's Avatar
    you are not alone. the jail broken AND unlocked iphone I have works great with the sim card that (should have) come with the phone. I am in Germany, and have exactly the same problem. I cannot send text messages on O2, D2, or talkline with my phone, but if I put an American OR German Telekom chip in my phone, the texts send without a problem. If I have the other chips in, I can recieve text messages, and when I reply my phone launches a string into the great beyond. I tried checking the message settings in my NOKIA phone before installing the chip into my iphone, and all was well. Put that hummer in the black beauty, and zip. nada. nix.
    I am working on a solution on this, but so far nothing.
    2010-03-14 01:12 AM
  3. unklbyl's Avatar
    Ok took a while, but here we are. you need to find out what the SMS central number is for the carrier of your choice, then write it down somewhere.
    2. goto your telephone in the iphone, and enter *#5005*7672# and call it.
    write down THAT number. if they are NOT the same, and they are not, otherwise you would not be reading this, then you dismiss.
    3. goto your telephone function (keypad) one more time, and enter **5005*7672*+(countrycode and service number)#
    congradulations. you have just fixed the SMS being sent into space problem!
    2010-03-24 12:09 AM

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