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    hello everyone out there, my name is Alex and im new to MMI. anyways, i had a question about using my phone overseas. im in the military and i got orders back in january to be reassigned to italy. for that reason, i went out and bought a used iPhone 3G and unlocked it for T-Mobile, afterwards i read that it can work with ANY sim card, so i was wondering if anyone knew if the phone carriers out there, Vodaphone and Telecom Italia Mobile, both of which are SIM card based, would work with the iPhone (i.e., wireless internet, MMS and SMS), and if so, what services i would need to buy in order to get it working like a normal iPhone. thanks for any info, i couldnt find a search button like other forums i belong to, so sorry if this question has already been answered, thanks!
    2010-03-28 12:19 AM
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    Hey Bro!
    Welcome to the military in Europe. There are a few differient servers over (down for me) in Italy. You need to find the signal geek J2 if available and find out who has the best service where you are stationed. Caserma Ederle is differient from Naples.
    Get the ground truth when you hit the ground. Depending on what you do with which unit, having an AT&T sim card is not all bad. It usually picks some type of service in most countries. Deployments can pose their own problems, but you have a phone that works damn near everywhere in the world.
    Once you get your card, let me know and we will get you set up with text message settings, and hey, wifi is wifi.
    Data is a no brainer.

    Bill Williams
    USA Retired

    2010-04-22 01:46 AM