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  1. Roush00's Avatar
    Thought I would ask here because you guys are the all knowning!

    I have a friend that just bought a iPhone, I JB/UL it for him he uses Viaero Wireless as his service provider. My questions is: I'm trying to get his data service to work with no such luck. The only APN information I can find on line says to use..

    No user name
    No password

    This is not working..

    Also his phone jumps carries a lot, It shows AT&T, then T-mobile, then Viaero. Is this going to be a issue with the APN settings?

    BTW its a 3G 16gig on 3.1.2

    2010-04-02 07:10 PM
  2. mskreind's Avatar
    Does anyone know the Cincinnati Bell APN Cellular Data Network Settings for Cellular, MMS & Internet Tethering.
    2010-04-03 09:17 PM
  3. Roush00's Avatar
    got it fixed.. thanks for the help!!
    2010-04-06 03:16 AM
  4. Jerikokai's Avatar
    hi can u tell me what u did to get it fixed? i too have viaero and it doesnt work right.

    2010-04-07 10:53 PM
  5. Roush00's Avatar
    Is your phone jumping carries a lot, Is it showing AT&T, T-mobile, Viaero?
    2010-04-08 04:13 AM
  6. Jerikokai's Avatar
    Yea it does that AND for the mms i can send out. do u have the settings for that too?

    2010-04-08 04:40 PM
  7. unklbyl's Avatar
    Somebody please talk to me about this. I have a friend who just slammed an O2 (Germany) chip into his phone, and asked what to do about data. What do i need to look for? I'm still kind of new in this arena. Any tips would be hugely appreciated.
    2010-04-14 09:01 PM
  8. Roush00's Avatar
    This is all the info I could find.

    Gateway IP 1:
    Port 1: 9201
    Proxy Server:
    Port: 9401

    MMS URL:
    MMS Gateway Address:
    MMSC Port Number: 9201
    2010-04-15 04:21 AM
  9. unklbyl's Avatar
    Thank you so much! Gonna git o. It and help out where i can. Thanks again, and your thanks counter just jumped 1!
    2010-04-15 12:18 PM
  10. doutreo's Avatar
    I know it's been a bit. But is it possible to take a pic of where you put your settings? I'm trying to send a friend to this web address so they can copy from a screen shot. It would be easier that way.
    2011-01-24 04:44 AM
  11. doutreo's Avatar
    2011-02-27 10:59 PM
  12. xhozef.karti's Avatar
    On android.
    Go to setting > wireless and networks > mobile networks > access point names > menu button > new apn
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    2011-03-06 06:28 PM