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    With the increase of iPhones being used on other carriers besides the ones who bribe Apple for exclusivity, after alot of searching and several trips to the store, I found the information to set up the data, mms and tethering for Vodafone.de. The settings are listed below and appear to be working. I am using MyWi 4.0 for tethering, and don't know much about it except to say that it is working. I am not certain whether it is from the settings I entered for the tethering or if WiFi 4.0 is the one doing it. Either way....the settings are listed below.

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    Cellular Data:

    APN: web.vodafone.de
    No username or password


    APN event.vodafone.de
    No username or password
    MMS Proxy:
    MMS Max Message Size and MMS UA Prof URL: Leave Blank

    Internet tethering:

    APN: web.vodafone.de
    No username or password

    If for some reason these settings don't work for you, contact me directly and I will see if I can help with the setup.

    Also, vodafone voicemail won't deliver the messages directly to your iPhone as the "approved" carriers do. You will have to configure your voice mail to dial your mailbox from your phone. After programming, when you press the voicemail button in the phone menu, it will dial your vodafone voicemail box. If you need english as the language for the voicemail menus, you will have to go to a vodafone store and have them call technical support and ask them to change the language for you.

    To program your iPhone to dial your mailbox, enter the following sequence of numbers as you would to make a call:

    *5005*86*5500# then press the green button on your phone to call.

    The screen will flash for about one second and then you should be able to touch the voicemail button from the bottom right of the phone menu and it will call your voicemail automatically.

    If for some reason your voicemail does not answer when an incoming call is received and you are unavailable; enter the following code: **61*5500*11*(number of seconds to wait before answering)# and then press call. If you need your voicmail language changed to english, go to vodafone or debitel store and have them call technical service and they can change it for you, as this must be done remotely.

    Have fun!!
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