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    i live in pakistan nd i have iphone 3gs nd i hv designed carrier logos for all the cellular networks in pakistan nd i ws using them on my fone whn it ws hving firmware 3.0 - 3.1.2 by copyin them in folder "/System/Library/Carrier Bundles/Unknown.bundle"
    nd adding this script:
    in the carrair.plist in this folder nd they all were working fine. bt since i have upgraded my fone to ios4 they stopped working.
    can anybody plz help me in making them work again nd also plz guide me hw i can make this bundle as a package nd upload on cydia as a complete carrier bundle for pakistani cellular companies. p.s. ios4 dont hv a folder for any pakistani cellualr company in carrier bundle folder as it hv for others countries...will i need to design that folder nd all. plz gv complete guidance in this

    thnx in advance
    2010-09-13 07:13 PM