1. cannonball049's Avatar
    I'm not sure if someone else has posted about this, but I've been having issues with a European Iphone4.

    My brother in law/Sister live in london, but also do work in the states. They were able to get free phones through work (iphone 4's) that they would like to use in both Europe on the carrier they bought it thorugh as well as AT&T while in the states.

    The phones are running 4.0.1. The problem however, is that while in the states after using jailbreakme.com the phones will not recognize the sim card from AT&T. I've tried loading carrier settings for the states and so on, but nothing has worked. Has anyone done this or have any suggestions that might help me to get the phones working for them in both Europe, and the States?

    2010-10-18 07:55 PM
  2. iYeow's Avatar
    Jailbreakme is just a jailbreaking tool, If your iphone does not have the 02.10.02 baseband , then you can unlock it with Ultrasn0w from Cydia after you do your jailbreak.
    2010-11-17 08:22 AM
  3. Mustang5L5's Avatar
    What carrier are the phones locked to?

    If it's o2, they can submit an unlock request and have it done legit


    You don't even need a contract....just a pay as you go sim with 20 pounds on it and you can do it. Trying to do it here in the us as I have a uk iPhone...but buying preloaded sims with currency on it is tough
    2010-12-03 04:17 AM