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    I' banging my head here. I tried ultrasnow, it just turned it into "no service". I tried the APN, and I still get no voice or data.
    I have the carrier patch in, and I have installed the carrier bundle, though it says "carrier 8.0" instead of "straighttalk 10.0"....

    This worked this morning with a different ST sim, until I made the mistake of upgrading to 4.

    Help anyone?
    2011-02-15 08:49 AM
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    Uninstall ultrasnow unless you absolutely need it (i.e. you're using T-Mobile or some other non-at&t carrier/MVNO SIMs in addition to your ST SIM). A US iPhone should not need ultrasn0w for StraightTalk to work.

    Make sure the SIM works in the original device and/or other unlocked/at&t phones, as it may have been deactivated somehow. If you don't have the original device, or you activated a new SIM on the 'original' device, you might be SOL with that SIM (because ST uses the IMEI of the device, not the ICCID/SIM number, to identify accounts). It's been common knowledge from TracFone/ST/Net10 users that selling, returning, or reactivating the phone with a new SIM tends to cause the old account to be deactivated.

    If you have 3G turned on, it might be worth turning it off to see if you get better service. It might also be worth resetting all network settings. and let the phone restart. Sometimes unknown settings get messed up and could cause issues.

    WIth your about screen showing the carrier as 'carrier 8.0' (i.e. the 'Unknown' carrier bundle), it seems like you didn't do the posted instructions completely. Go through the instructions throughly on the Straight talk post. Make sure you install every item in the post and follow the instructions in the zip files in order to install them correctly.

    If all else fails, restore using a custom firmware (since you can't use a stock firmware because of the baseband), and redo everything. In this case, do not restore from backup.

    If anything else comes up, just post back.

    Hope this helps.
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    2011-02-15 09:09 PM