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    To begin with, I might be in the wrong section here but this was the closest I could find.

    Today i jailbroke my iP4 with 4.3.1 custom firmware. I now remember that i choose hacktivation even though im on my original carrier (which my phone is locked to). Now i cannot get any signal on the phone.

    Is this because of the hacktivation or does that not matter if I hacktivated it or not?

    Edit: If it isnt possible to fix the signal on my original carrier because i hacktivated, can i just restore with a customer ISPW file, without hacktivation to get it working?
    2011-04-04 08:26 PM
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    Make a new firmware without hacktivation and you'll be fine. If you're on the carrier the phone is locked to, you don't need the hacktivation method.
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    2011-04-04 09:06 PM