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    I've been on Str8 Talk's unlimited plan for about 5-6 months now and was really happy with phone service, so much so I would tell anyone I could about it. Then about a month ago, ST shut my data off and I was forced to call them to add another service card and get data back. They asked me all kinds of questions about my use like was I tethering, streaming media, which browser I was using, going on facebook a lot, etc.
    Before last month, I had used about 1 gig of data over 3 months and for various reasons I needed to start tethering last month and used about 3 gigs which triggered a report against my service and thus the data deactivation. I said I wasn't tethering and it didnt really seem like they could tell the difference because they ended up saying that I wasn't closing my browser properly and it was still connected in the background and consuming data thus my high usage lol.
    So, to get data back I had to agree to close my browser properly so that it didnt continue using data in the background. I agreed to this and they turned data back on. I also continued to tether as I had no other option and everything was fine until yesterday when I discover that my entire account, voice, text, data had been deactivated. I called ST (ALWAYS a bad idea and never productive) and had 3 different people explain that my service has been permanently deactivated and the only way to get it reactivated would be to buy a brand new ST phone. No other options were acceptable with them. I did everything I could to convince them that I was only using the phone as it was intended and was closing my browser properly as we had agreed upon. But the reps just kept falling back to their 'inappropriate use of data' line and would not waver. So I lost my service for good including the 11 days of service remaining.
    At this point, since I no longer have the E71, I dont really see any way of getting them to reactivate my service so looks like I'll be headed to H20 and their unlimited plan.
    I'm kinda disappointed and sad to leave ST as the phone service is great. However, their customer service is ridiculously horrible and to be avoided at almost any cost.
    2011-10-07 03:14 PM
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    Yeah, that bites. Unfortunately, it's been more common lately from those who use tethering abilities or do heavy streaming (Netflix, for example). If one stays below 1-2GB/month, one's usually safe. I've gotten the 'excessive data' voicemail once in the 10 months I've been using it, due to a 300MB usage pattern in 3-4 days.

    ST/Net10/Tracfone's Customer Service tends to be on the not-great side, unless you call into the Miami office during normal business hours. Then it's usually better. But, we didn't come to ST for the customer service, now did we? LOL

    Tethering is never a good idea to use heavily, regardless of carrier/provider. There's been numerous reports of people being shut down on almost every provider out there.
    H2O also has that 'excessive use' fine print w.r.t. tethering... keep that in mind. If you can find a way to get a second data connection, even a mobile hotspot from VM or similar, I strongly suggest it. From what I've been reading on HoFo, H2O seems to have a 2GB data cap when using 3G from HoFo users 'testing the waters.' 2G might be less stringent, but obviously that's also means lesser quality data...

    I have suggested the H2O route to those looking for a prepaid option without bulking up $200 for a 'second' phone and has instructions on using an iPhone on its service. That's nice.
    The only other glaring problem I'm seeing on that plan is no off-network roaming, which can be a problem while traveling/camping/etc (ST has roaming, BTW). That can be a big problem in many areas of the central US or in areas that tends to rely on supplemental coverage to offset tower use (parks, canyon areas, etc). But for those who stay within their own metro almost all the time, that's a non-issue.

    I myself am debating whether to stick with ST (short-term solution), head to Sprint or wait for the T-Mobile merger to play out (long-term solutions).
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