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    hi i just purchased an iphone 4 from a guy but apparently its still on his account he gave me all his info to deactivate it but he bought it a couple days ago on a newly added line so i called sprint they are saying its going to cost me 50 +20 (for the plan usage) for an early deactivation and then return the phone to the store and ill get back the 250 or whatever after the 70 dollar charge but i dont have a receipt nor am i the guy on the account is there anyway i can work around this i paid him 350 id be losing 100 dollars, anyway by unlocking or some program then activate it on my phone number? i need help the guy wont return my calls...

    iPhone 4 version 5.0
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    2011-10-20 04:04 AM
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    Um...sounds like he ripped you off. You need to find him is all I can say. There are no unlocks for CDMA devices. Even if you could flash it the device is likely to get blacklisted bc if Sprint doesn't receive payment for the bill and ETF they'll block the phone and render it useless.
    2011-10-20 05:17 AM
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    So there's nothing I can do I mean I have everything including his name can I take this to the police?
    2011-10-20 05:41 AM
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    I think you should try to contact the police. Some are more willing to help than others.

    Assuming he gave you all his info and all of it is real. There's a reason why he's not responding to you, he got the phone cheap, made money from you, and now is hiding from you. So do as best as you can to get him to give you your money back and give him his phone back.
    2011-10-20 06:15 AM
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    if i were to take this back to the sprint store do you think they would be able to do anything for me as far as money goes? i mean i assume he isnt going to be paying the bill on this phone so i would be saving them money right?
    also he only made like 25 dollars because when i called sprint off the iphone it said that the phone was paid for oct. 17 ammount of 325$ and some change i only paid him 350
    2011-10-20 06:18 AM
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    I'm not sure. Sprint might want payment on the account before anything else happens. But you'll never know unless you try. Go into a store and ask them, bc calling the customer support will likely not get you anywhere. Sometimes reps make exceptions.
    2011-10-20 06:35 AM
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    would i be able to just buy a different sprint phone change the newly phone onto the line then just be able to take the iphone?
    2011-10-20 03:38 PM
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    Unless Sprint receives payment for that account that is opened with that iPhone, that iPhone will stay on that line. You could try I suppose...before any payment is *due* and see if that works.

    I'm not condoning doing this, but I do feel bad about you getting screwed over but that guy. But I can't really further discuss this aspect with you.
    2011-10-20 03:51 PM
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    i guess i could try but if he doesnt pay the bills could i get in trouble? this really sucks
    also he already made the 325$ payment the next billing month says itll be 40$ sorry for asking so many questions
    2011-10-20 04:04 PM
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    No you're no trouble lol. You really are not the one responsible for his account so there isn't a way you could get in trouble with it. But you did sort of get screwed over. Just do your best to get it resolved. If it were me I wouldn't be spending any more money.
    2011-10-20 05:10 PM
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    ok thank you ill see what i can do
    2011-10-20 05:30 PM