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  1. Tornath's Avatar
    I'm using a locked and unjailbroken iPhone 4. I've gotten Data working, Voice and text works great. But Since I can't access the apn settings menu I can't change the settings for MMS to get that working. I did discover however, that by turning Data Roaming from Off to On, I could send and recieve picture messages. Does anyone know what H2O's policy is regarding Data roaming? Do they levy additional charges or disable the account? The only thing I found so far was the manual data config policy saying to make sure to set it to off.
    2011-11-04 07:54 PM
  2. duromega's Avatar
    They won't charge you extra since you're using a prepaid plan, they have no way to invoice you extra for anything, also even if your data roaming is on you're within the USA

    I tried turning my DATA ROAMING ON and it doesn't work for me!
    since I don't have a jailbreak for iPhone 4S I'm unable to edit network settings

    2011-11-20 09:10 PM