1. Andy4590's Avatar
    I'm making this post for anyone in Iowa that uses I Wireless.

    I Wireless has two plans:

    MEGATALK Smartphone Unlimited talk, Text, & WEB for $60
    MEGATALK Unlimited talk, Text, & WEB for $50

    I prefer the $60 dollar plan as I have tested this and you get faster speeds on Edge. Also for some reason having 3G+Edge turned on you get faster speeds even though you only see E for Edge showing up.

    Goto Settings --> General --> Network -->
    Enable 3G (Recommended) On
    Cellular Data (You need this) On
    Data Roaming (You need this) On

    Goto Settings --> General --> Network --> Cellular Data Network

    Cellular Data (Internet)
    APN i2.iwireless.com

    MMS (Picture Messaging)
    APN wap1.iwireless.com
    MMSC http://mmsc.iwireless.datonair.net:6672
    MMS Proxy
    2012-01-15 04:20 AM
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    Thnx man! Very helpfull
    2012-04-27 07:47 PM