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    I need owners of Sprint iPhone 4 and 4s and Verizon iPhone 4 and 4s, beta testers. I along with RaWr have made a carrier logo package for cydia that, unlike "Zeppelin" actually works. This is not a mobilesubstrate tweak, this packages modifies the CommCenter file and uses Winterboard to select your logo. (You will not have to add any repo except my beta repo for testing) Right now we have Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, and my and RaWr's personal logos (more will be added soon). I need beta testers to make sure that we have ironed out all the bugs.


    Beta test over!

    Live on iModdr Repo
    Submitted to MMI

    Package Name: Sprint & Verizon Custom Carrier Logos iOS 5
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    2012-02-01 01:21 PM
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    theres a app on cydia named zeppelin, it's free and easy to use.
    you can easy change you logos with it.
    i did some carrierlogos to add on this package:
    download: [URL="http://ul.to/4xb1gu0q[/URL] preview: Custom Carrier Logo (SPRINT iPhone 4S) [HOW-TO]-logoxqbvy.png
    2012-02-02 04:22 PM
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    I have read too many places that zeppelin doesnt work for some people, besides i dont like messing with mobilesubstrate tweaks when i can avoid them, the package that myself and RaWr made uses winterboard, Easier to use.

    And little tip, might want to use an upload service that actually works in the United States, seeing as thats where most iPhone users are.
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    2012-02-02 06:36 PM
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    @iModdr: Zeppelin should work for all users. But the current version on Cydia 0.0.5 breaks iPods/Wifi iPads. I submitted 0.0.7 and it should be up soon. Modifying CommCenter is potentially unsafe. I still don't understand your opposition to the tweak but as I said on twitter it is perfectly safe.
    2012-02-04 07:32 PM
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    Actually, for some unknown reason, I am getting multiple requests to build a package as an add-on to yours as well as international support (as this package only support USA right now) So Im going to rebuild it for international support and since I can't ignore over 100 requests to add on to yours I will be making a add-on package to yours there is one thing I wanted to ask you @jivhg, Could you possibly send me the deb file I have a suggestion for the core part of the tweak but I want to make sure it works first, I think you would like it if it does, if it dont then no harm in me trying
    2012-02-04 08:52 PM
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    2012-02-04 09:05 PM
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