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    Hey guys,

    So glad I stumbled onto your forum. I've searched, and can't quite find the answers. I have a Verizon iPhone 4 running 5.01 (9A405), with modem firmware 3.0.03. I rooted the phone using the latest version of Redsn0w with no problems. I pushed an Alltel prl file to the phone using the SSH method, activated the phone, and for good measure used the OTA programming. The phone makes and receives calls and sms. HOWEVER, I didn't read til later about patching the commcenter to bypass the signature check so I could get data and MMS working. I downloaded the commcenter patch from cydia (

    Now comes the hard part. Every download, every tutorial, seems to be about getting data and MMS to work with any and every carrier but ALLTEL. Tried going to the "Unlockit" site to flash APN settings, but again, no ALLTEL. I can't manually edit settings in the settings menu of the phone as I've read on some forums, all I have is the option to turn data on or off, but not manually enter field information. Could someone PLEASE help me? I studied the carrier plist that I downloaded from my phone using SSH and a pList editor, but can't for the life of me figure out exactly what Verizon values I need to substitute with ALLTEL. I am not new to rooting and flashing, been flashing roms since back in the Windows Mobile days, and most recently, HTC and Motorola Android devices. However, I am new to the forum because I'm brand new to the iPhone. I don't mean to be a leach, or a troll, and please don't flame me for not searching, I've read forum after forum until my eyes bleed! Any help is GREATLY and SINCERELY appreciated..
    2012-03-09 08:01 AM
  2. duromega's Avatar
    Because of the modem firmware (baseband) you are running this is a CDMA iPhone (no SIM card supported) and you flashed it to alltell there is no way you can enable data or mms to a flashed CDMA iPhone you will be able to use wifi!

    2012-03-18 06:07 PM
  3. darkwingdonk's Avatar
    Have you made any progress ? - I'm in a similar boat, I have values for My carrier, but I'm curious if the signature Bypass actually works... I've edited my PRI files but the one for Data/MMS just does not seem to take when I flash them back onto the device. I haven't done the commcenter patch yet. I don't trust the youtube vids that show them working, but I do think it is Possible to FULLY flash a cdma iphone to another carrier - unlike most folks out there. I'm still trucking along at it, wishing u luck at yours too man!
    2012-04-26 05:06 PM