1. Quadratic's Avatar
    Does anyone know how I can get the 3rd gen iPad to scan for LTE carriers when it does it's initial carrier scan? I have a sim for a carrier not listed in the carrier bundle files, who supports LTE in a band that the iPad supports, but can't get the iPad to scan for LTE carriers (only scans for hspa/edge/gsm by default, as it appears in testing when testing in controlled radio environments).

    It looks like this can be done somehow in the /var/wireless/Library/Preferencesf/csidata file, similar to the old way that 3G was forced over Edge by changing the preferred RAT type in those settings.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on this one? I'm open to any ideas on this and have a few iPads handy for whatever testing scenario needed.

    2012-05-31 11:04 PM