1. matrixzz's Avatar
    so i love the toggles ever since SBSettings and now that iOS 5.0 brought NC ive had the pleasure of using NCSettings
    BUT it started to crash my springboard so i had to drop it and now im back to SBSettings ANYWAYS to the point, i saw a toggle tweak but i cant seem to find the name of it for the life of me
    Need help looking for a NC tweak (what is its nameeee)-img_0176.png
    so does anyone know what this tweak is called? D:
    ( took a screen shot of a Cydia screenshot :$ )
    2012-07-25 08:24 AM
  2. matrixzz's Avatar
    Nvr mind i found out its SBSettings with iRetina++
    2012-07-25 09:04 PM