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  1. iphonemedic's Avatar
    I'm one of the early Iphone on Straight Talk adopters. I've been using a cut down sim card from a Nokia E71 for almost a year. I never even thought to go with a micro sim until Monday night at 7pm. Straight Talk without warning deacted my phone. I called in and got 3 hours of run around before a manager finally told me they're cracking the whip. Trust me it took hell and high water to get my number back. They recycled it almost 22 hours after deacting me even after I told them I'd overnighted a micro sim. Learn from me and get yours swapped out. You don't want to deal with this.
    2012-08-01 07:20 PM
  2. vtails's Avatar
    So Straight Talk told you that they knew you have been using a Iphone and not your E71,,and were cutting you off.
    Have you tethered your phone,,use to much data?? I find it unusual that they would be checking without any reason
    I too bought the day they came out and still use an E71 and use it w/iphone 4 but have never tethered it and dont even come close to alloted
    data use.I use my e71 about 4-5 days a month when I am having to restore my i4 but I have thought about buying a
    micro sim for myself and the wife both have e71 and she'd be super pissed if they turned her off,
    2012-08-05 04:29 PM
  3. jtsdad's Avatar
    I just bought a Straighttalk ATT compatible SIM with their Bring Your Own Phone program... was using the sim in my Palm Pre 2, now using a 3Gs. No problems at all.
    2012-09-03 04:06 AM