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    So I was on google, I googled how to get Simple Mobile on my unlocked iPhone 4 5.1.1 and this site with this post was the first hit:
    There is no need for a "Gevey" sim card or anything else at all other than your "SimpleMobile" sim card. After you have jailbroken your iphone4 you can unlock as long as you have preserved your baseband with snowbreeze, i have an iPhone4 on 5.0 with baseband 01.59.00 as i have always preserved it throughout all my firmware updates from 4.0.1 to 5.0. So once you have jailbroken and preserved your baseband then go to Cydia and search for "ultrasn0w" and install it, i did it with my "SimpleMobile" sim card already in and have always done it like this for over a year that i have had it so im assuming there is no need to take it out. After installing "ultrasn0w" and rebooting then it should read your "SimpleMobile" sim card withing a few seconds, if it doesnt right away then toggle your "airplane mode" on and off and wait a few seconds. At this point you should be able to make calls and text but to get your mms working go into Cydia and add this sources...#1 and #2 Index of /cydia, after installing those sources go back and from the first one download "Simple Mobile MMS Fix" and from the other download "com.guilleme.iphonedelivery" and respring, after you respring go to your Settings app and go to General/Network/and make sure your 3g its set to "off" at all times and Cellular Data set to "on" as well as Data Roaming, then tap on Cellular Data Network and type "simple" under Cellular Data/APN as well as MMS/APN, type simple under both and the rest of your MMS settings should already be there after installing the "Simple Mobile MMS Fix" package. if not go back and reinstall. After all those settings are there then you should be able to make calls/text/and send mms with no problems at all i have had it and taken the same steps for over a years so its more than tested, there should be no reason for it not to work if you do it right, please take your time when doing all of this. Then if you want your Facetime to work just send me a personal mssg and i will send you the instructions.
    So now Of course I am obsessed with finding a way to do it. So My iPhone 4 is unlocked, I need help on instructions to make it into Simple Mobile and getting the MMS and Web to work good.. :] I know I'm a noob and all these things but Noobs need help too!
    2012-09-15 10:45 PM
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    2012-09-16 12:06 AM
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    Thank you very much! And so It MUST be Jailbroken is this correct?
    2012-09-16 12:23 AM