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    Hello fellow iPhone users!

    I come here from mobile-files.us and bearing the gift of free CDMA iPhone 4 flashing

    This tool is fresh, fast, simple, and 100% free. All credit goes to my friend Steew for whipping this up in his spare time to help free the world of over-inflated flashing costs.

    All we ask is that if you have issues please post in our thread here. You will need to register and it takes up to a few days to get approved. You can post your bug reports here but I will not check it as often.

    So now to the point.

    First make sure you have the following installed:

    .Net 2.0
    Download: .NET 2.0 SP1 (x86) - Microsoft Download Center - Download Details
    Apple - iTunes - Affiliates - Download iTunes
    Jail break (GreenpoisOn)
    Download Greenpois0n | greenpois0n.com
    The Magical Software

    After you have made sure you have the above installed start by jailbreaking the phone with Greenpois0n, I would suggest updating your iphone to 5.1.1 as well.

    1.Open Cydia and install OpenSSH.
    2.Open software and choose the connect option.
    3.Select your carrier from the drop down box.
    4. Enter your MDN, MIN, and SID.
    5. Click 'Write', wait 5 seconds and Bam flash complete it will alert you with a pop up box.

    This will get you Talk, Text, Incoming MMS, and Web. If you would like full picture mail go find a repository that has the commcenter patch and your carriers files. I have not had time to build in the commcenter patching or carrier file loading it will come with time. This is just a basic tool to get your flash done.

    Please post your success or failures.

    If you find a bug, before you report it, see if you can replicate it. If you can please give as many details as you can about the device, computer, and what you did to get the error. This will not be perfect it is the first release and was made quickly on the fly.

    Before you say it, no its not a copy of someone else's work . Notice it's a fraction of the size of anything anyone has ever made. It's flashing 20x faster then anyone else's as well. Obviously we found a better cleaner faster way. There is no Chinese version. There is no copyrighted materials in this. Very clean simple code.

    Price is only 0.00 American dollars per flash. This is 100% savings. Please charge your customers accordingly. Carriers like Cricket, Page Plus, Metro, and many more are meant to be affordable and the flashing should be also. Don't iRape your customers, we stopped you from getting iRaped.

    Thank you very much and enjoy!

    And as always for all your flashing needs --> Main !
    2012-09-19 09:25 AM
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    I have a question, if my Verizon iPhone 4 is already flashed to metroPCS and I upgrade using iTunes. Will my flash still be on?

    You can email me for further details [email protected]
    2012-09-27 08:56 AM
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    hey bro the dropbox link is nt working plzzz help reply me on [email protected]
    2013-01-21 11:10 AM
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    that tool is not free anymore.
    it`s 75usd.

    use idfstool.com for flashing
    or cdmatool.com

    it`s 50usd only with tons of video tutorials.
    2013-01-29 03:49 AM