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  1. rah10's Avatar
    I have iphone 4 with straight talk. I originally used to fix apn. This worked but no mms. I did the tmobile swap and filled out the info with proxy andy mms works but i cant stream video as if the proxy is blocking these sites. If I take out the proxy my mms doesn't work. Is there a way around this? Does he proxy block sites like from streaming?
    2012-11-05 08:50 PM
  2. rah10's Avatar
    To clarify I meant I did the sim swap fix where u put in another sim to get apn setting to pop up.
    2012-11-06 01:47 AM
  3. vtails's Avatar
    You must get your DATA working first stream but NO proxy deals with mms so try to install your certificate again,and you dont want to stream on 3G you would eat up your data allotment,use wifi!
    2013-01-14 12:51 AM