1. cmpkai's Avatar
    Hi, I got a replacement iphone 3gs from apple store at US (and I live at US).
    I can jailbreak, but can not unlock (QR203xxxxx, firmware: 05.16.05).

    Here are my 3 questions:
    1. After an IMEI carrier check, my iphone carrier is UK O2, does that mean my iphone is locked to UK O2?
    2. What is plicy id? Here is mine:
    Policy Id: 52 (US AT&T Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands Service Policy)
    Next Policy Id: 35 (UK O2)
    Does this mean my iphone 3gs is locked to AT&T? or UK O2?
    3. What is the best place to get an IMEI factory unlock for my iphone 3gs?

    Thanks a lot!!!
    2012-11-20 08:05 AM
  2. monay_man's Avatar
    Call AT&T they will do It for you I've heard.
    2012-11-26 02:52 PM
  3. cmpkai's Avatar
    Thanks, so I called them and got an approval from AT&T last Thursday. (My wife is AT&T's customer, and I tried 4 times - called twice, online request twice twice, and was rejected. But, this time, wow! thanks for the suggestion again.)

    However, it is still locked as of now, any idea how long normally it will take? or who should I call?
    2012-12-04 04:17 AM