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    So, I purchased an unlocked iPhone 4S for my wife. I ran the IMEI number through various online databases and it came back clean, and confirmed that the phone was unlocked.

    We're stuck on a T-Mobile value plan for another year, so I picked up a T-Mobile micro SIM online for $2 and transferred her line to the new SIM card.

    The experience has been terrible... T-Mobile signal (in around Reseda, Los Angeles) has been atrocious -- constant dropped connections, no signal, no data, etc... I followed all the online guides and dicked around with 3G, Roaming, APN settings, etc -- but it is absolutely awful.

    So yesterday, I picked up a net10 SIM card -- 5 bars everywhere we went, data was pretty fast (faster than T-Mo certainly), no dropped calls...

    However, I've spent the better part of a day trying (without any luck) to get MMS settings working. Personally, I don't really give a **** -- if I want to send pictures, I use email -- but the wife wants to keep sending me pictures of the new baby to me and our family and friends out of state, and email apparently isn't good enough.

    I've tried SIM swap tricks, jailbreak'd so I can edit the APN settings, downloaded profiles from net10, tried a bunch of different APN settings I've found on various sites around the web -- all to no avail... I'm getting to my last nerve.

    Are there any AT&T MVNO's that just work (including MMS) ?

    2013-02-25 07:58 PM
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    So, just an update with net10... I'm half way there.

    I can now get data, and send MMS messages, but am still unable to receive MMS messages.

    I have an iPhone 4S (unlocked -- dunno if it was factory or carrier -- probably carrier unlocked) running iOS 6.1.2.
    I had an active T-Mobile MicroSIM and purchased a full sized net10 SIM which was cut down to micro sized.
    Steps to get this far...

    Clean Restore iPhone using iTunes
    Enable WiFi
    Insert T-Mobile SIM card
    Go to unlockit.co.nz and generate and install an iPhone NET10 APN using the web interface
    Disable WiFi and confirm that data is working
    Go to Settings > General > Cellular > Cellular Data Network (APN Settings)
    While in that screen, pop out the T-Mobile SIM and insert the Net10 SIM
    When the signal bar stops searching and displays "HOME" enter the new APN settings (You can view the tfdata APN settings from unlockit.co.nz)
    (If you change any of the settings before the HOME logo is displayed, then they won't apply/stick)
    Exit the APN settings screen using the BACK arrow on screen (not the home button)

    This enabled the sending of MMS messages, but I am still unable to receive... Also, dicking around with iMessage settings seemed to affect MMS messages, but I'm not really sure what the relationship is between the two.

    Hope this helps someone.
    2013-02-28 12:44 AM