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  1. JWesCampbell's Avatar
    AT&T straight talk sims aren't being sold by straight talk themselves anymore.

    So here's my hypothesis:
    Anyone tried taking a phone that came FROM straight talk like any of these (from what I understand is that all of these work on AT&T based on the "GSM4" that is in the address) and tried taking that sim out and putting it in a iPhone or any phone that's AT&T or unlocked?

    If so:
    Did it work?
    Was there any network throttling or anything of the sort (that would have been caused by the sim card)?
    2013-05-23 10:19 PM
  2. vtails's Avatar
    Wife has been using her Nokia E71 sim in her iPhone with no problems it seems that if there are still sims and phones for ATT that ST would honor them as for slowing the speed I guess it would depend on the person and how they used there data. She surf's at home on wifi most the time so we have never had any problems.

    I just looked at your link, I am not sure those would work at the time we got Nokia E71 it and 2 others came with an unlocked sim. You might do some research on those phones to see if they have unlocked sims.Even if they were ATT it might have a locked sim. Today I was looking into getting S3 from ST and did search about how to tell what network they were carried on and found a good read on how to tell. Google it but I thought that ST was using and selling only TMOBILE phones I THINK.
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    2013-05-29 03:46 AM
  3. silvan619's Avatar
    Straighttalk does sell AT&T compatible Sim cards on for $6.99 with free overnight delivery. I just purchased one about 12 days ago.
    The only problem I'm having with Straighttalk now is that they throttle now after 2.5 GB. There is a lawsuit pending against Straighttalk by users for they never disclosed this throttling.
    I use almost 1 GB a day so this is a big problem for me. Straighttalk did not throttle before but now they do. My biggest problem with this is that Straighttalk never disclosed this whereas the other companies do.
    If anyone knows a way to override this using APN settings or otherwise please post it or email me. Thank You,
    2013-12-08 10:17 PM