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    Hi, when I unlocked my phone a year ago, I started using Vivo as my carrier. I noticed that in <Settings>, I gained a new <Personal Hotspot> toggle, right under the <bluetooth> toggle.

    It worked great, even traveling to five different countries, using five different carriers, the <hotspot> toggle remained.

    How did it get there? Was it when I restored my phone as part of the unlock? Or did my carrier (Vivo) put it there as a carrier setting?

    Last week, I lost the toggle when I switched to AT&T. The sales guy said he had to "Reset Network Settings" under Settings > General > Reset, "in order receive data." Foolishly, I let him do it... and I lost the <Hotspot> toggle. Was this because he put AT&T's settings on there? Or because he removed Vivo's? Is there anyway to get that toggle back?

    I have an iPhone 4, carrier unlocked. It's jailbroken on iOS7. I never messed with the modem firmware.

    Thanks for your insights!
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