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    To change the iOS 7 build version from 7.0.4/6 to 7.1 and update the Carrier Bundle to activate 4G do this:

    1. Close all apps except iFile.
    2. In iFile go to /system/Library/CoreServices
    3. Scroll to the bottom
    4. Open SystemVersion.plist with "Property List Viewer"
    5. Change "ProductBuildVersion" to 11D169b and ProductVersion to 7.1 (note down the strings you're going to change in order to restore them after the bundle update).
    6. Restart your phone (Don't panic when you see the Evaders logo :P)
    7. Plug your phone to the MAC/PC and open iTunes (iTunes will think you're on 7.1)
    8. "Carrier Update" will popup. Apply it
    9. Open iFile back and restore you old version numbers that you changed in step 4
    10. Reboot (don't mind the Evaders logo...)
    11. Voila! you have 4G in settings

    If it helps, don't forget to thank...
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