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    yeah, i woke up with 2 new sms this morning. Trying to open the sms, but since i got both, the sms.app crashes every time. I am not able to write, read nor do anything with it. Power off, change smboard themes to default doesnt help

    Thanks for help :-)

    schöne sonnige grüße aus owl :-)
    2007-10-13 01:19 PM
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    Dude..see if this helps..solved my problem at least..
    it seems long to read but for the sms problem you just need the following 3steps from this one..

    1. Get the sms.db
    2. edit it
    3. upload it back into the phone

    do take care of making a copy of the sms.db file before you edit it..

    You need iBrickr for extracting the sms.db file and SQLliteadmin to edit it..

    __________________________________________________ _____
    GUIDE: SMS Backup, Single SMS Delete, Possible Crash Fix + Create Storing Thread
    This Windows guide is designed to help people achieve the following:
    1) backup their SMS's
    2) delete a single SMS
    3) possibly fix SMS application keep crashing
    It may fix the crashing by investigating the sms.db file then editing it slightly to fix. Worth a try before deleting your whole SMS.db file!

    Software you'll need:
    - iBrickr (i'm using v0.8)
    - SQLite Administrator (free GUI software - http://sqliteadmin.orbmu2k.de/)
    1) dock your iPhone with the computer
    2) open iBrickr
    3) click on 'Files'
    4) in the phone on the right click on 'var', then 'root', then 'Library', then 'SMS'
    5) click on 'sms.db'
    6) click on 'Download'
    A copy of this SMS database file will now be in your iBricker directory.

    Note: Incase you need to revert back to this file later make a second copy somewhere else and rename it (ie. sms_backup_todaysdate.db).

    1) download and unzip SQLite Administrator
    2) you do not need to install, just enter the directory and run 'sqliteadmin.exe'
    3) click 'Database' then 'Open' (or Cltr+O)
    4) navigate to your 'sms.db' file and click 'Open'
    5) on the right panel click on 'Edit Data'
    6) click on 'Table' and select 'message'
    - A complete list of your messages will now be displayed
    7) scroll down the list and find the message you want to Edit or Delete
    To EDIT a message
    Double click on the actual message under the 'text' heading.
    A text box will then appear with the message. Just edit and click the tick or click the cross to cancel.

    To DELETE a message
    Click the desired ROWID number for the message you wish to delete then click the delete button (looks like a minus sign just below the 'Edit Data' tab).

    Caution - Ensure you have the correct message highlighted as there is no 'Are you sure you wish to delete' popups. Although, it shouldn't really matter as you should have made a second sms.db back up file it you followed Step 1.

    8) once finished making changes click 'Database' then 'Close' (or Clrl+W)

    1) dock your iPhone with the computer
    2) open iBrickr
    3) click on 'Files'
    4) in the phone on the right click on 'var', then 'root', then 'Library', then 'SMS'
    5) click on 'sms.db'
    6) click on 'Delete' then on 'OK' - to delete the current 'sms.db' file.
    7) click on 'Upload file(s)'
    8) navigate to your new 'sms.db' file
    - the file must be named 'sms.db' and all lowercase
    FINISHED - Open SMS and you should see the changes!

    Always remember to backup so that you can just put the same file back if things go wrong.

    FINAL NOTE ON ADDING SMS's: You could also add SMS's to the sms.db file using this program but be careful if you try to do this. There is a sqlite_sequence system table which contains the ROWID number for the next message. If you create a SMS with a ROWID number higher than any other ROWID number you will probably want to update this table as well otherwise you could run into problems later. I have successfully added a text message with a lower ROWID number without problems though.

    Hope this helps - it's probably the simplest process at the moment.


    Let's say you have friends that send you Jokes via SMS and you want to store these in a 'Jokes' thread, or your Girlfriend / Wife sends you nice messages and you want to store these separately
    1) Follow the steps in STEP 2 to open the 'sms.db' file in SQLite Administrator until you are looking at all your messages
    2) Find the message you want to move into a new thread
    3) Edit the value in the 'address' column
    - Instead of the number just type 'Jokes' or 'Girlfriend Private' etc
    4) Close database file
    5) re-upload the 'sms.db' file (see STEP 3 above)
    6) That's it! A new thread will appear in your SMS application and be labeled 'Jokes' or 'Girlfriend Private' etc
    Final Comment: You can go one step further by alternating which side the message shows on by changing the value in Flag to '2' for left side or '3' for right side.

    Worked fine for me - Let me know if you try it - always remember to backup first.

    __________________________________________________ ____
    2007-10-22 02:02 PM
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    Where is the sqlite_sequence system table stored? I want to be able to add new ROWIDs so that I can try to create a program to forward text messages, a feature that has been lacking from this IPHONE
    2007-10-29 05:36 PM
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    I am not really sure if i understood what you said..
    am a designer not much into databases

    but i think watever you do to the file, it saves it to the same .db file
    all edits get stored within there..

    or pls explain again

    Hey i got what you are saying, after reading it the second time
    dude can't be of help on that, but yea a message forwarding application is so badly needed for sure..

    good luck
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    2007-11-02 06:07 PM
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    can some one help me how i can read my messages on the computer from the phone its urgent
    2009-08-26 12:19 PM