1. dannyben's Avatar
    Hopefully someone can help me with this one....

    I have upgraded to 1.1.1 with independence 1.2.4 on osx. Everything works fine and installed a few 3rd party apps. Obviously the phone is jailbroken with Dropbear ssh, sftp and SCP.

    Problem is i started running out of space to install apps. Was trying to use the methods of moving app folder to media, but i cant use any programs to properly get into the phone to do this.... Cyberduck, terminal, even tried winscp with windows. When i get into the phone and try and do anything it always comes back with permission denied errors.

    I have tried with both open ssh (from installer.app) on the phone and off.

    How do i remove the persmission restrictions???? or was there some type of error that might have been done when upgrading?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated..... already spent countless of hours trying to get this working.

    2007-10-23 01:26 AM