1. weirdohenrico's Avatar
    I like using services.app but it doesnt work with the ssh installed by Independence 1.2.5. I know if I install openssh from installer.app there will be a problem. How do I safely delete the ssh from Independence I get openssh from installer working right so I can use services.app?

    Hope someone has an answer or can point me to the right direction. I have searched the forums and there is no definite answer - if there is its for people using windows. I'm on a mac.

    2007-10-26 05:47 AM
  2. Vandal's Avatar
    bumping this because i am in the same place as weirdohenrico - how do i get rid of independence's ssh? and what exactly would the ssh-conflict result in?

    edit: oh, my bad - uninstalling independence's ssh via independence itself works, sorry.
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    2007-11-13 04:51 PM