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  1. mando17's Avatar
    I unlock my iphone with ibrickr and i am a at&t user i would like to know if it is safe to update to version 1.1.1 or do i have to virginize the phone and then update or what can i do. i havent use anysim or anything i just used ibrickr to put application on my phone. if someone can tell me plz thanks alot.
    2007-10-31 10:17 PM
  2. pokekid's Avatar
    if you havent unlocked and are still with the original baseband you can upgrade to 1.1.1...just do a restore and then upgrade. works wonderfully on my 1.1.1 and to use ibrickr with the new fw..just modify the .plist...its under the file mods thread and very simple to use
    2007-10-31 10:44 PM