1. hancor's Avatar
    just new at all this stuff i have a iphone 16gb V 1.1.4 and i gather jailbreaken as the installer is installed on phone . Can some tell me if i install ibrickr software which is says i have to jailbreak my phone ( and if is allready has been done ) will this shut down my phone or cause any issues . Any help would be much appreciated as im not up with it yet only got the phone .
    2008-05-16 12:19 PM
  2. ez3t0r's Avatar
    iwell, if i understood you right, you're asking about ibrickr not seeing your iphone as jailbroken, well, that's probably because your iphone was jailbroken using Ziphone, so you need to install a patch for ibrickr to properly have acces to your files.. add the source Unlock the iPhone - the simple tutorial! in your Installer.app sources section and then refresh it, after that, go to All Packages and search for "ziphone ibrickr patch" and install it, restart your iphone and that's it.. now ibrickr will recognize it as a jailbroken phone and you will have acces to your files/folders
    2008-05-16 01:20 PM
  3. hancor's Avatar
    how can i tell if my phone has been jailbroken and if it is i will add patch
    2008-05-16 01:45 PM