1. isimone's Avatar
    Ok, after thinking about it for days I decided to finally update my phone.

    I have originally used the SSH/anysim method and never dared to update since then. I planned to revirginize and then update to the newer versions.

    I tried to install Open SSH with Apptap and that's where I f** up. I couldn't download and install Open SSH, Apptap said I should update. Before I could react the update did what I feared.

    I've got a "connect to itunes" and a yellow triangle. In itunes I get you need to restore and update to the newest firmware.

    Now what are the right steps to take for me? Thank you very much for your help boys (and girls).
    2008-08-02 10:14 PM
  2. crnxlf's Avatar
    Wait. So what FW are you using right now?, and why are you not using FW 1.1.4?. If your not using 1.1.4 you might of waited to long and you might be forced to update to 2.01/2.0.2
    Do not try and fix what is not broken.
    2008-08-19 06:57 PM