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    Alright. Before anyone says it, I'm an idiot. I had a jailbroken OTB 1.1.2 (AT&T sim) iphone that was better than pu$$y on a triscuit. Like a good boy, I waited until the 1.1.3 upgrade/jailbrake excitement was sorted (mostly). I used the ibrickr 1.1.3 upgrade method, but like an idiot interrupted installer's 1.1.3 soft upgrade when it appeared to get stuck.

    My only recourse was to restore my phone, which means that I'm now running on 1.1.3, bootloader 4.6.

    I think that what I need to do is downgrade to 1.1.2 (or 1.1.1), which will break my phone/SIM usability, jailbreak the phone, and then upgrade to 1.1.3 by one of the various methods.

    Has anyone done this? It seems like people have stopped after the downgrade, or have just left their phones on 1.1.3 unbroken.

    If so, when I upgrade to 1.1.3 will my SIM card be recognized?
    2008-01-31 08:34 PM