1. nuttolo's Avatar
    Ok Thank you
    2008-09-13 11:41 AM
  2. jujubeanser's Avatar
    I am in this same predicament, but let me explain further.

    The iphone will get nowhere but "connect to itunes" mode. When you try to enter DFU mode, it is not as simple as getting to DFU mode from the phone when it is active. When you hold both buttons, the screen goes black after 6 seconds, it stays black for 7 seconds then the apple logo pops up. So I release the power button at +12seconds and that's what I presume is DFU mode. Once I select the firmware by holding option, it tries to restore and then will once again send me back to "connect to itunes" mode..

    I am so frustrated!
    2008-10-31 07:00 AM
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