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    skinning from scratch
    a tutorial for summerboard windows users

    This tutorial will teach you how to do the following:
    -Adding/changing icons using Winscp or iBrickr
    -Add a background using summerboard

    Windows XP SP2
    iTunes 7.4
    iPhone 1.0.2

    iBrickr v0.8 (
    Winscp ( (use installer app) (use installer app)
    AIS907 *icon set* (

    starting from scratch by myself: (

    Authors Notes:
    before you start this, make sure your iphone is jailbreaked and you can winscp into your phone. if you do not know what that means, you may want to read the notes in the resource area of this post before starting.

    Step 1
    Run installer on your iphone

    Step 2
    Press on SummerBoard

    Step 3
    Press on the install button

    Step 4
    It will ask you: Install package "SummerBoard"?
    Press Yes

    Step 5
    Installing rSBT
    Press on rSBT

    Step 6
    Press on the install button

    Step 7
    It will ask you: Install package "rSBT"?
    Press Yes

    Step 8
    Press the home key on your iphone
    (at this point your iphone may soft reboot)

    Step 9
    To activate summerboard, do a full restart
    Hold power button button until the red slider appears and slide

    Press the power button to turn the iphone back on.
    summerboard should now be activated

    Step 10
    Adding new prorgam icons
    Download AIS907 and unzip

    Step 11
    Start Winscp and ssh into your iphone

    Step 12
    Open the folder with the AIS907 icons

    Step 13
    For this example we will do 1 icon, and it will be the mail icon
    Open the mail folder within the AIS907 folder

    Step 14a
    In Winscp
    Open the application/mail folder
    -click on the navigation drop down
    -click on /<root>

    -double click on applications

    -double click on

    Step 15a
    Click on the icon.png in the mail folder(in windows) and drag it to the folder(in winscp)


    Step 14b
    In iBrickr
    Dock your iPhone

    Step 15b
    Open iBrickr
    -click on files

    -click on applications/ (in the fake iphone)

    -click on (in the fake iphone)

    -click on upload file(s)

    -navigate to the AIS907 folder
    -double click on the mail folder

    -click on the icon.png

    -click open

    -- WINSCP or iBRICKR END--

    Once you've changed all the icons on your homescreen, its time to add in a background.

    Step 16
    Adding a background
    Press on Photos (on your iphone)

    Step 17
    Press on Photo Library or Camera Roll

    Step 18
    Press on the photo you want for your background

    Step 19
    Press on the picture action button (bottom left corner of the screen)

    Step 20
    Press on Use As Wallpaper

    Step 21
    if you wish to resize it, you may otherwise,
    Press the Set Wallpaper button

    Step 22
    Press the home button to see your progress so far

    Step 23
    Using rSBT
    Run rSBT on your phone

    Step 24
    Press on settings at the bottom

    Step 25
    Change the settings to what you please.

    Dock icons = icons on the bottom row of the iphone homescreen which do NOT change when you scroll up and down the homescreen
    SpringBoard icons = amount of icons on your springboard, doesnt really do much at the moment, just set it to 16
    Version = shows you the version of your rSBT
    Restore to backup = will revert the rSBT to its original state

    Step 26
    Press on icon list at the bottom

    Step 27
    From here you can move the icons where ever you please, but pressing on the icon then pressing and draging the three lines on the far right side, up or down

    Step 28
    Once everything is setup the way you want it
    Press the save button at the top right corner

    Step 29
    Press Close

    Step 30
    Press the home key to see your changes

    Your phone will soft reboot and show you , your lock screen when it is completed, when you unlock your phone will be modified

    There you have it, everything you need to know to add/change/modify your homescreen. From here your imagination is the limit. In this tutorial i did not show you how to add a seemless dock or a dock period. Search MMi for more information on how that is done, for the time being you can use the default dock or find one and copy it using winscp technique to the system/library/coreservices/ folder in winscp and copy over the file for the dock to change it. The dock is NOT transparent and is a separate image from the background. Currently there is no way to make one seemless background with summerboard.
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    where do i get summerboard???
    2007-09-09 01:23 AM
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    its under programs: at the header of the thread
    2007-09-09 01:25 AM
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    Another excellent guide!!! Thanks!
    2007-09-09 04:27 PM
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    Why dont i have the rSBT app on my installer?
    2007-09-18 01:30 AM
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    make sure you have community sources downloaded
    2007-09-19 03:58 AM
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    Will get this Wiki'd soon - just saw it!

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    Thank you!
    2007-09-26 05:38 AM