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  1. jrolla2k3's Avatar
    Im trying to unlock my phone or, trying to be able to "free" my phone and bricker just says....Looks like you need to download the iPhone firmware. Fire up iTunes with your iPhone plugged in, and hit the Restore button. Once the download starts, unplug your iPhone. When the download finishes, click away the error message in iTunes, and close iTunes. Plug your iPhone back in, and click Check again. How do i unlock itunes? Please help me out...
    2007-09-14 03:17 AM
  2. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
    What do you mean, unlock iTunes?

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    2007-09-14 04:24 AM
  3. jrolla2k3's Avatar
    Im not sure how to explain it.... Unlock the phone is what i mean, but basically I want to unlock my phone for tmobile, but cant because you have to register your phone through itunes with att to activate the phone for any use.... How do i get around that step, the paying att step... The step that "opens up" i tunes so that i can restore my phone, etc. I believe what i need is refered to as bypassing the activation mecanism on the iphone.
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    2007-09-14 04:47 AM