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    I just canceled my new ATT contract, took the iphone Sim out, put it in my old phone, made a call. I took it back out, put it back in my iphone, and... it worked. I made a call w/o doing anything on an "old" simcard.

    So I opened independence and it said it was activated. I tried to unjail my phone, but I dont think that worked because of iFuntastic's 'unshackling'.. .is that possible?


    So I restored with iTunes, when it completed, before I could even quit, my iphone started 'connecting with ATT" and in about 5 seconds it said it was activated...so now i'm sitting here iwth a newly-restored iPhone with a sim from an existing account that makes calls.... ??? Is this right? I didn't even use iNdependence.

    I opened iNdependence anyway, and 'activate' is grayed out. "Deactivate" is available though, but I don't even know if should press it.. What should I do? (if anything... the phone works...) My phone is recognized in iTunes and now is asking how I would like to set it up... a back up of the previous sync or as a new phone... What should i do?
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    2007-09-15 01:37 AM
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    Sounds like you're fine. I wouldn't do anything.

    2007-09-15 02:41 AM