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    ive tried everything to restore my custom ipw on my iphone 2g on windows and kept getting the 1600/1601 error code.

    ive worked out a way to do it without deleting the recover file from itunes device support, reinstalling itunes etc, where i have read on the net...

    ive tried this method 3 times on a 16gb 2g a 8gb 2g and a 16gb 3g and it works without any problems.
    i had renamed my ipw file the same name as the restore file (iPhone1,1_2.2.1_5H11_Restore). and my iphone was already jailbroken before i decided to restore it again with a custom firmware.

    follow the steps below.

    -plug in iphone.
    -hold shift and click on "update" browse for custom ipw file ok....
    -it will put the iphone in recovery mode not dfu mode the one with the funny pix of the man
    -it will bring up unknown error (13) thats "ok".
    -hold down the power button on the iphone till it turns off and it will turn on again itself keep the itunes cable plugged in when doing this
    -when it comes on again u will be prompted about it being recovery mode click ok and you will notice the upgrade option greyed out .
    -hold down shift and click restore browse ur ipw file and it should install the custom ipw file.

    please try this and let me know if it does work or doesnt work for anyone.

    this tip is for people who are getting the bloody 1600 error 1601 etc... error and have tried everything to put custom firmware on there iphone.

    2009-04-12 01:03 AM
  2. Ozzyman500's Avatar
    Does this work with the 1604 error? I'm tryin to downgrade from 3.0 beta 3 and I kept getting this error.
    2009-04-16 02:25 PM
  3. mikerlx's Avatar
    i got error code 21 but this is trying to put custom 2.2.1 fw on 8gb 1st gen
    2009-04-16 03:12 PM
  4. afro's Avatar
    never tried it with 3.0.
    if your trying to downgrade to anything below 2.0 u need to install itunes 7.5 for it to work.

    can elaborate more for me please.
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    2009-04-16 03:25 PM
  5. mikerlx's Avatar
    I'm using a Mac. I went to iclarifed for the 2.2.1 unlock and jailbreak. phone is in the slide emergency mode-not unlock at all.
    2.If i turn the phone off then hold the home button and plug in to itunes the update is already grey with the restore ready to go along with the recovery message. The screen at this point is in the itunes logo with the usb and thats all.
    3. I hold alt/option (for mac) to select the custom 2.2.1 and it starts extracting then goes away then a screen telling me error 21.
    Now, my phone can only go back to slide for emergency if I go thru these steps again and choose the restore 2.2.1. When its in the slide to emergency mode itunes mentions putting a sim card in to activate it. and will go no further. What do you think i should do?
    2009-04-16 06:20 PM
  6. afro's Avatar
    wat you should do if im right is put the phone in recovery mode, by doing the sequence of holding the home and power button making sure the cable is connected to the mac, and restore it back to factory settings, it wont upgrade the baseband on the 2g iphone only on the 3g one.
    im not sure what ur trying to achieve, but once its restored... use quickpwn to jailbreak it. or use a custom firmware to restore.
    u might need to remove the "recovery file" from the "device support" folder and then try it. if it doesnt have one create it.
    it should be much easier to jailbreak on a mac then a pc, i use to do it till my imac logic board blew on me.

    i hope it helps, let me know how u get on.

    Pwnage 2.x Guide - ModMyi - Wiki

    you might want to read this too.

    Dev-Team Blog - Close the stable door!
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    2009-04-17 12:05 AM
  7. mikerlx's Avatar
    Goal-I am trying to unlock and jailbreak an 8GB iPhone 1st Gen.
    Problem-iTunes will not let me restore custom fw it WILL let me restore stock 2.2.1 file. I get an error 21, 1600, and 2006 depending on which usb cable i use. Thanks for the info.

    Where is the recovery file that i should remove? Thanks
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    2009-04-17 04:01 AM
  8. afro's Avatar
    i cant remember the exact location but its in itunes\ folder somewhere,
    i would ask u to reinstall itunes but i havent figured out how to do that on a mac before.
    try using a windows machine and restore it. use the instructions from the link i gave you earlier.
    2009-04-17 09:28 AM
  9. mikerlx's Avatar
    Here is a pictorial of my attempts to unlock two 8GB iphones over a 48 hour period with no success and I ended up trying to use QuickPawn with no success either. Itunes would not let me restore using the Custom 2.2.1 fw. Machines used were Air and Ibook G3 and 5 different USB cables with varying degrees of error 21, 1600, 2000, and 2006,maybe this info will be helpful for others.
    Attached Thumbnails people who get 1600/1601 etc error msges please read-img_0201.jpg   people who get 1600/1601 etc error msges please read-img_0208.jpg   people who get 1600/1601 etc error msges please read-img_0203.jpg  
    2009-04-17 09:03 PM
  10. jedel's Avatar
    hello guys anyone who can help how to downgrade modemfirmware 4.22 to 2.30 pls........

    how to unlock my iphone modem firmware 4.22 everytime i insert my simcard no service pls help me
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    2009-04-18 02:54 PM