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  1. chrischua83's Avatar
    my 3gs start with MC and my wife's one too.
    my ipt2g is MB.

    the point now is my iPhone 3gs is MC same with my wife but it's having the same problem as your ipod touch.
    2009-10-12 09:09 PM
  2. jo42's Avatar
    I've heaRd that if u have an iPod touch and u model number starts with MC it won't work. That's from geohot. And mine does start with mc. So much for working with all devices
    It's "MC086C/A" -- fargh!

    Here is some info on the different model numbers:

    Looks like blackra1n will need an update...
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    2009-10-12 09:34 PM
  3. GADeputy's Avatar
    If you're having problems getting blackra1n to work on a 3g check out this video. Maybe it can help you.

    [ame=]YouTube - How to Fix Blackra1n Jailbreak Problem iphone 3G/iPouch Touch (No Boot Logo)[/ame]
    iPhone 5 16GB
    Firmware 6.1
    Jailbroken with evasi0n

    iPad 3 16GB
    Firmware 6.1
    Jailbroken with evasi0n
    2009-10-13 05:11 AM
  4. eddied316's Avatar
    Thanks for the vid, but still didn't work.

    So those of you who have the Ipod 3g that starts with "MC", you don't have to try it.

    2009-10-13 07:33 AM
  5. chrischua83's Avatar
    Now tell you 2nd bad news!
    iPhone Dev Team new released: Pwnagetool 1.3.4 IS STILL THE SAME RESULT!
    It can ran smoothly for the whole JB process until it reboot, then STUCK on the DFU mode like blackra1n.

    THis what we call Black screen of death. (BSOD).

    I'm own a Mac machine so I tried pwnagetool 1.3.4
    2009-10-13 03:05 PM
  6. mkblade's Avatar
    When's it's in dfu mode can't u get it out 2 c ? If u want to get out of dfu mode then hold power+home until the pc makes the USB sounds or for about 10sec atleast and then simply let go of the buttons and press the power to turn it on…that's how I get out of dfu mode
    2009-10-13 03:48 PM
  7. chrischua83's Avatar
    Maybe my english not good enough.
    I meant, it's just black screen, and when you plug it with iTunes, it just simply ask you to restore it.
    Even we tried holding home + power button for 10, 20, 30000 seconds, the phone still will not turn on!
    It just "LOOK" like turned off!

    CHeck out this youtube video, we facing the EXACTLY same problem!

    But mine is 3G[s] which just bought at 12/Oct !
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    2009-10-13 03:50 PM
  8. littleboy683's Avatar
    having the same problem as everyone else tried jailbreaking my friends ipod using blackrain now its stuck at the black screen as if its off and no combination of buttons will turn it on and itunes or my computer wont recognize it so i cant even restore! Im gunna feel like a d*ck if i broke his ipodd
    2009-10-13 11:41 PM
  9. eddied316's Avatar
    U can just restore it. That's the only thing u can do, at this point. Takes like 10 mins
    2009-10-13 11:50 PM
  10. littleboy683's Avatar
    its not recognized by itunes so i cant restore it
    2009-10-14 12:28 AM
  11. soloz2's Avatar
    If you're having problems getting blackra1n to work on a 3g check out this video. Maybe it can help you.

    I tried this method but it didn't work for me. My 3G keeps going into recovery mode...
    2009-10-14 06:20 AM
  12. dancincat's Avatar
    im having the same issue only i dont get any picture on my screen.....i am on an iphone 3g just restored to 3.1.2 firmware as per instructions on redmond pies page. all i get is recovery mode and it wants me to plug into itunes. i have restarted it 4 times and each time it takes itunes half an hour to complete the restore. i dont want to do it again. I NEED MY JAILBREAK!!!!! anyone have any suggestions?????
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    2009-10-14 08:32 AM
  13. craigvvv's Avatar
    i fixed BSOD
    when trying to put in DFU mode,
    hold home until iPod shuts down completely then
    when you start it back up it should go to and stay at the connect to iTunes display
    2009-10-14 02:01 PM
  14. mkblade's Avatar
    what u mentioned is correct and puts the phone into recovery mode by holding onto home button as soon as you turn ur phone in by pressing power…dfu mode is when the phone is completely back and in order to be in dfu mode you must hold power+home together till screen goes black and then continue holding home but release power button…to get out of dfu mode just hold onto home+power button for about 10 seconds or so while plugged into a computer and the pc should make the USB device sounds, then just release both buttons and simply press the power button to turn it on
    those who are having problems with blackrain and are using Windows (Vista, 7) need to make sure they run it as administrator and unblock the file otherwise only 60% of the program will work correctly leaving you at the iTunes+USB logo
    2009-10-14 02:21 PM
  15. vicoguerrero's Avatar
    If you're having problems getting blackra1n to work on a 3g check out this video. Maybe it can help you.

    Mine does this but it reboots.... but no blackra1n icon on springboard
    2009-10-14 07:19 PM
  16. Lil.DadOu's Avatar
    Also got this blackscreen after the Make it ra1n thing..
    Obviously, everything goes right, but i'm still waiting for the reboot (it's been 3 days now, lol )
    I tried all the possibilities you said, but all i can get is a restore after all this...
    Anything new ?
    2009-10-20 11:59 PM
  17. ramiro0429's Avatar
    How do you turn off itunes. mine keeps comming back on when i run blackrain.
    2009-10-21 12:52 AM
  18. RM305's Avatar
    Open taskbar and remove any iTunes processes
    2009-10-21 01:01 AM
  19. javiert30's Avatar
    Here is what I did with blackrain whith the freeze problem and not successful jailbreak.

    I had the problem getting stock on running, I turned off blackrain, activate itunes, click at your iphone icon at itunes when available, uncheck syncronize iphone when connected leave it like this but kill itunes helper from task manager, if itunes ask set your iphone as a new iphone or do a backup of your iphone dont do nothing live it like that, do a right click on blackrain icon and hit open as administrator then open blackrain and hit make it rain, you are going to see waiting for iphone, hold power button and home at the same time until it reboots then release power button and still holding home button when you see the apple logo then you are going to see the blackrain face, then wait until it reboots and activate do not do nothing until it finish

    If it dont work, do it again, I had to doit like 8 times but finally it works. I think because the timing, I think It have to be at one speciffic time at the process but nobody really knows when exactly to doit, thats what you still have to doit until it works.

    Mine is working perfect with no issues, iblacklist, winterboard, 5 icons dock, mywi, and everything else working. I customize my carrier, singal bars, 3g and edge icons with no problem.

    After your jailbreak if you want or need to use iPhone browser thru your usb port you will need to modify your services.plist file, in case you need it, here it is.

    Dont give up, its going to work.

    Do not forget to hit THANKS if it was helpful

    See you in 3.1.2 side

    Good luck
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    2009-10-21 04:16 AM
  20. High_Voltage's Avatar
    I am feeling like some ppl don't understand my issue. Some ppl post methods that may work for them but them and then when someone tries to perform someone elses procedure, it either won't work, jacks up ur device or just won't work and jacks ur devices all in one bcause of someone making something up or just not saying the steps. My best suggestion to everyone out there that have been given replies of methods that work for others but not for u and a lot of other ppl, just wait for something to happen from the ppl who know what to do like Dev Team for example. Do not folk someone suggestion u don't kno. Ask a friend or a person u kno who has uber there device for I am having a problem trusting others with way to do with how to jb my device. My question out there is has anyone downgraded there 8g 2G ipt or 3G( I prefer 2G) bcause that's a route I am beginning to rake at this point.
    1. Blackra1n and Geohot has been no help to me because he said qoute " All jailbreaking device software". Basically that's 1 reasn I can't trust some ppl.

    2. Why would he let people kno( like me ) about 2 or 3 days later " oh sry guys I meant to tell u, all ppl with 8g 2G ipt, you have to have a model # beginning with MB. Although I admit he put a lot of effort in it, it just wasn't enough. If u herd from ur friend that someone called u an effng retard. U confront that person later to find out that ur "Friend"( in this case Geohot) totally exagerated what he said to make it sound really offensive. That's jus my oppinion. I would this all famous Geohot would qoute his words carefully before he really POs someone.

    If I were Geohot, I wouldve thought through what I was doing ( proof thought) before releasing something that might actually make a difference.

    Geohot if you read this, follow through with what you say before you say it, meaning don't say all device jailbreaking process won't work with all devices. I would forgive you if you follow through and make it for 8gb 2G like minecand everyone elses. To make a name for yourself, you have to follow through finish what you start to increase and improve our living.

    That is all
    2009-10-21 08:04 AM
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