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    Hi All,

    Please forgive me if this is already posted, I did try to have a look, and understand, but I am fairly new to iTouches (well, any Apple products). I am fairly IT literate, as in IT Support for a few years, but Windows based....

    Anyway, I was given an iTouch 2g 16Gb for leaving a previous company, all was brill with it, loved it even without mods.

    Then not long after that, 3.0 came out, and Redsn0w not long after... I did that mod, and all went well. But reluctent to upgrade to any other firmware due to lack of hacks.

    Then recently, I ran the new Blackra1n, and this is where my probs lay....

    1) Is it possible to re-JailBreak with Redsn0w when its released, even if its been Blackra1n'd before hand.

    2) If I can Redsn0w it, will I loose all my apps (AppStore//Cydia) as when I Blackra1n'd, I didnt loose AppStore/, but the icons for Cydia Apps went missing. They were there, but not showing. Had to re-install over top!!

    3) Noticed that running on 3.1.2 with BlackRa1n hacked, some apps crash more than usual, and seems to freeze every now and then.

    4) I kinda understand the difference (although not fully, of why) of Tethered/Untethered JB's.... but is BlackRa1n Tethered the reason I cant view the filesystem anymore with 3rd party apps. If so, anyway to get this back or do I have to wait for a Redsn0w release...

    5) And lastly, as I am new, trying to keep up with it all... whats new and exciting due out?? Found "Rock Your Phone" the other day, omg... its amazing!! Any other highlights...?


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    2009-10-13 02:18 PM
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    Hi Guys,

    Whilst I await for some answers/replies to questions above, are you able to help me on another matter.

    I really dislike this Blackra1n tethered hack really isnt working to well for me. It crashes constantly, locks up, and removes the access to USB into system...

    So I was wondering, whats all this creating a custom firmware??

    Can I use QuickPwn on a Mac, make up a firmware that will install Cydia, Icy and what not into the IPSW and then once created, can I use iTunes or redsn0w to upload it to the device?

    iTouch 2g, and 3.1.2 iPhone OS ??


    2009-10-14 05:47 PM
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    Your best bet at this point would be to find someone with a Mac and use Pwnage Tool 3.1.4 to build a custom 3.1.2 firmware for your iPod Touch 2G. Then DFU restore to this which will re-jailbreak your iPod. Yes you will lose all your apps during the restore but you can back up all your iTunes stuff and then just dump it all back on. If all you want is USB access back there is a package in Cydia called afc2add which should fix it.
    2009-10-14 06:05 PM
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    Hi Poseidon79,

    Thanks for the afc2add tip, thats done the trick regarding USB access... can now remote back into it.... YAY!

    Regarding making my own custom firmware on a Mac, and then installing it.... I am new to QuickPWN and how it works. Do the firmware's it creates, are they already Jailbroken, with Cydia inside or does the Jailbreak/patching happen within the app itself, beit redsn0w, QuickPwn and like wise...??

    As I was wondering, rather than loose my files. If the IPSW file is already JB, then maybe I could do a upgrade rather than a restore that way I would/could keep my apps yeah??

    Is anyone else finding apps crashing/locking up more since blackra1n than before??


    2009-10-15 11:46 AM
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