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    I have a problem with my 3GS 16Gig and this is how it happened.

    I was on my phone browsing safari and while I was typing my gf called, which caused my phone to vibrate uncontrollably and continuously for about 3 mins until I shut it off by holding home and power. The whole 3 minutes my phone was unresponsive to anything, touch screen didnt work or anything. I tried to run blackra1n everything seemed fine until a spinning loading icon on his face showed up and then it froze. Then it would shut off after a couple of minutes. it does this everytime i run blackra1n rc3

    In desperate need to talk to my gf I put my sim card in my old 3G and the 3G logo wouldn't show up and apps like weather and safari wouldnt work, until i reset the network settings wierd. I wonder if the phone call had anything to do with my 3gS problem.


    I tried to restore with itunes and it forces a update and restore to 3.1.3 which I don't want right?...so i canceled it.

    Please help me.
    2010-04-21 04:43 AM
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    Do you have your SHSH stored on Cydia...you know the "Make My Life Easier" option that was offered before Apple stopped signing 3.1.2?

    Oh and JSYK this happened to my Ipod Touch last week. The exact same thing with the Geohot pic and spinning wheel. This is happening everyday now to many people. Something is not right. I ended up upgrading to 3.1.3
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    2010-04-21 04:50 AM
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    I did do the shsh thing, but i dont fully understand it. what should i do know? upgrade to 3.1.3? does the shsh thing fix it if so how?
    2010-04-21 05:17 AM
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    Ok if you do have your SHSH for 3.1.2 on file then you are good to go. All you have to do is edit your host file to point it at Sauriks server instead of Apples. Read this: http://modmyi.com/forums/general-iph...p-restore.html

    Then download this: ModMyi Forums - Downloads - iPhone 3GS 3.1.2

    Do a shift/restore in iTunes and select the file you downloaded. It will put 3.1.2 stock firmware on your phone. Afterwards jailbreak it with Blackra1n.
    2010-04-21 05:43 AM