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    I had my phone jailbroken and I used Categories to put all my apps into folders. HOWEVER, I needed to restore my phone and forgot to take the programs OUT of their folders before restoring. To make matters worse, I had Cydia and Rock INSIDE one of those folders. I have no re-jailbroken with Blackra1n, and installed Cydia and Rock, but I cannot see the programs. Anyone have any idea of what I can do? I tried to SSH into the phone, but OpenSSH isn't installed as I can't get to Cydia.


    Sucks to be me, but I just decided to setup the phone as a new phone with a Pwned 3.1.2. I had upgraded to 3.1.3, but it was an EXTREMELY unstable jailbreak. It crashed every hour.

    Continue to live and learn...
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    Hey my man..

    Firstly, I'm definitely NO expert when it comes to iPhones, i just know a few things from experience, so use my advice at your own risk.. haha

    1) Do you happen to have poof! or sbsettings installed? if so, check either of those apps to see if anythings been toggled to 'hide'

    2) Search Cydia through spotlight just for the heck of it?

    3) Plug pc in via USB and look up iFunBox.. No ssh needed.. See if you can resolve anything that way...


    Hope any of these ideas come in useful.

    Oh and also with your jailbreaking cause.. which type of iPhone you have?? I personally have a 3G.. And I noticed if you upgraded the firmware to 3.1.3.. Use r3dsn0w 0.9.2.. when it asks for which type of firmware you have, browse to 3.1.2 rather then 3.1.3, it still accepts it.. and jailbreaks as normal.. I've had this method for a couple of months and it still seems fine??

    All the best!
    2010-04-22 10:22 PM
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    since u can't access cydia, search for it in spotlight, open it, install poof or SBSettings then set what u want to see to on instead of off
    hope this helps, worked for me a while ago
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