1. macsoldier's Avatar
    Okay first im deployed so im stuck even surfing a proxy server im stuck without being able to access app updates and any itunes downloads, I can access my itunes but no updates stuff like that. Ive been looking for about 2 hours now on how to jailbreak my Iphone 3GS 3.1.3 and I want to pull my hair out, it seems there is no easy/halfway decent way or a way without having a crap ton of problems I read half the page and then something like if you are at 3.1.3 then you cant jail break, or the tech talk just makes me stare at my computer. Can anybody help at all, I just want to customize my Iphone. Thanks for your time.

    Oh yea I should mention this would be my first time jail breaking anything. (thought that might be a little important lol)
    2010-07-11 01:01 AM
  2. thechronic's Avatar
    Follow the instructions here.


    You have to press one button.

    I'm curious how you searched the web for 2 hours but didn't find that.

    Best of luck
    2010-07-11 01:12 AM
  3. macsoldier's Avatar
    I really have no idea, I basically was reading all these pages of sshs and stuff like that I appreciate the help.
    2010-07-11 10:40 AM