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    Long story, but I think my 3G, baseband 05.14.02, is finally jb'd. At least it shows as 4.1 and Cydia connects and updates.

    I stupidly upgraded to 4.1 before the jb's were released. Of course my baseband was upgraded, too. I then downgraded to 3.13 and got my jb again, but lost my unlock. I then played with sn0wbreeze, but nothing would work. Way too many errors.

    I finally used sn0wbreeze 2.0.2 and iReb. The first time I checked "activate" in snowbreeze and got a lot of errors in iTunes, as well as no carrier. I then re-did sn0wbreeze and unchecked "activate". iTunes then did the activation and all the errors went away.

    It now shows as 4.1 and Cydia connected and upgraded everything just fine. I restored all my contacts and apps and now can restore my tunes, ringtones, sms tones, etc.

    I don't need a carrier unlock, although it would be "cool". Sooner or later it will be released. Now on to everything 4.1 has to offer on my 3G.

    Thanks go out to the dev team and all the members here at modmyi.com.
    2010-09-27 05:51 PM